AKJU - American Karate Ju-Jitsu Union

The All American Karate Ju Jitsu Union (AKJU) is a non discriminating Certified Federation recorded with the United States of America State of Ohio, Office of the Secretary of State, which is open to all styles, age and belt rank, giving them the opportunity to travel and compete internationally and still remain in their own Dojo system or Federation.

Milestones and Acheivements of AKJU GrandMaster Don Madden

  • 10th Degree Blackbelt in Karate and Ju Jitsu, 6th Degree Blackbelt in Judo
  • Founder and Chairman of All AMERICAN KARATE DO UNION, comprised of over 200 clubs across the United States and internationally
  • Founder and Chairman of AKJU TEAM AMERICA which takes competitors in Karate & Ju-jitsu to International competitions
  • Former National Chairman of Ju-Jitsu for the Amateur Athletic Union
  • Lifetime member of A.A.U. and U.S.A.K.F.
  • Coached Ju-Jitsu 1994 Goodwill Games in Russia for International Cultural Exchange
  • Choreographed the 1994 Goodwill Games Closing Ceremonies Exhibition for karate & Ju-Jitsu in Kiev Stadium with capacity crowd of 85.000 and world-wide television coverage
  • Founder of the Irish Cup Karate & Ju-Jitsu - Dublin, Ireland 1997
  • Head Coach, U.S.A. Karate & Ju-Jitsu 1981-1996, Longest and most winning coach in the USA
  • First team manager for the U.S.A. Karate Team, November 1980
  • Chief of Coaching Staff. U.S.A. Karate, 1990
  • Coach for the first U.S.A. Ju-Jitsu team to compete in first ever Ju-Jitsu World Cup, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1993
  • Elected 1st Chairman of the W.U.K.O. Technical Congress Cairo Egypt. 1988
  • Chief representative of the Pan-American to the WUKO (World Union Karate Organization)

Many of Annarino's instructors and students have made "All American" status and qualified to travel and compete on AKJU Team America. Competing Internationally all around the world, the AKJU Team gets to not only participate in some fantastic Martial Arts competition, but also tour distant lands, experience other cultures, and make friends with people of all different races, creeds and cultures. For more information on the AKJU and the AKJU Team America, visit the official AKJU Team America web site AKJUTeamAmerica.com